Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Cogel - Nowhere Near (EP)

Released: November 2 2012
Producer: Independent/Cogel
Members: Nic Cogels
                 Ed Prescott
                 Alex Cameron
                 Nick Langley
                 Lloyd Prescott

Cogel haven't been around for very long but they have already made a name for themselves as one of Sydney's most exciting live bands. The 5-piece have recorded a song ('Rocks on the Sun') with and supported Gotye with his tour last year and have also played alongside Sures, Winter People and Phoebe Starr. The video for 'Aquarium' from their first EP was awarded 'Indie Clip of the Week' on Rage. With these achievements already behind them there is nowhere to go but up.

'Nowhere Near' is their latest EP filled with sweat sounding tunes with darkly brooding overtones. The soft vocals are matched with a violin that makes for an emotional exploration into life and love. The 5 track is filled with expansive songs that remind me of sweeping landscape visuals and bustling cities.

The EP opens with the single track 'Felusine,' which just channels Arcade Fire throughout with infectious swelling that leaves you wanting to bust out the repeating chorus of "I'm stuck in replay with you." The rhythmic throbbing of the bass and drums creates a pounding barrier between the emotive verses and powerful chorus. 'Felusine' is accompanied by an amazing video clip that features a head cast that has videos of the band members faces being projected onto it. It is enjoyably trippy and would be one of my favourite clips of the year.

The following song 'The Bug' is probably my favourite as it builds with the guitar and violin creating an almost banjo like sound that leads to the chorus. The lyrics are dark but with the violin they could easily be mistaken for much shallower song.

The middle track 'Out of Touch' has this beautiful indie tune that just got stuck in my head, especially the lyrics "You're so out of touch." The song just resonates with me as I think about people who find 'Gangnam Style' even remotely listenable.

'Nowhere Near' is the title track that relaxes and soothes as you are told to "Hold your breath." The gentle drumming accompanied with the powerful sound of the violin evokes inspiration into as the song comes to a close.

The closing track 'Habit' is again a song that flows from deeply emotive lyrics that build into the chorus. Unfortunately in this track the repetition of "We are the habit you want" is excessive and it becomes overpowering and it closes the EP on a low point.

I really enjoyed my time listening to this 21 minute gem. I will be keeping my eyes and ears peeled awaiting news on any live shows in Sydney. I highly recommend viewing the videos for 'Aquarium' and 'Felusine' if you haven't already because they are both really good.

Kieron M

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