Friday, 30 November 2012

Dead Radio - Crystal Moth (EP)

Released: December 1st 2012

Producer: Independent

Members: Shaun Donovan
                Matt Nev
                Dave Couri
                Duncan Harrex
                Sam Scheding


Sydney 5-piece psych group Dead Radio are set to release their debut EP Crystal Moth. We featured their debut single 'Tokeloshe' in August and they have now given us another three songs to make up Crystal Moth. 'Tokeloshe' has been very successful locally and overseas, receiving airplay on independent radio. It has also reached #3 on Triple J Unearthed Indie Chart. The recent track release 'Scotch' has reached #2 on the same Unearthed Indie Chart. The EP was recorded and produced in their Sydney Studio and the mastering was done at Turtlerock Mastering by Rick O'Neil.

The first track of Crystal Moth would have to be my favourite track of the four. 'Moon Over Dakota' starts of with an awesome bass-line that carries through the song. When joined by the atmospheric guitar and the most distinguishable vocals on the EP, the sound swells and takes on its psychedelic form. I really enjoy the lyrics to 'Moon Over Dakota' as they are so well accompanied by the rest of the instruments. I couldn't think of a better way to open their debut EP than 'Moon Over Dakota' as it impresses on so many levels.

The second track 'Hunters' is driven by the brilliant drumming mainly the opened hi-hat and cymbals that crash their way through the track creating the fast flowing sound. The typical hazy vocals produced by Dead Radio, evoke a sense of confusion as they build the song to its climax. 'Hunters' displays creepy jangling guitar work that again shows off the great talent the band.

'Tokeloshe' is the next track and as I said earlier in the year it is a really promising way to begin your recording career. You are carried through with the fuzzed vocals and crisp guitars in a droning psych-pop track that truly deserves the recognition it has been getting. The reviews on their Triple J Unearthed page have been nothing but positive and one listener likens the group to Tame Impala.

'Scotch' is the final track on Crystal Moth and it manages to make ambiance just ooze from the speakers. As with all of the tracks on the EP it starts off slowly and it builds to an almighty ending. Guided by the haunting vocals, crisp drumming and balanced guitars the song ends in a sensory explosion making it the perfect way to finish an outstanding debut release.

Dead Radio will be at Harmann's Bar (Sydney Uni) tomorrow night, releasing Crystal Moth with the help of fellow Sydney psych/gaze/dreampop bands Devotional, Black Springs and Day Ravies. So make sure you get down there and support the East Coast's local psych movement.

Kieron M

Bandcamp (Album is available here for $5)


  1. wow this sounds so great - cannot wait to get a copy of this EP & see them play!

  2. Awesome write up, I've seen them play in Sydney and 'Tokeloshe' is one of the best psych tunes around.

  3. Check the official website the E.P. launch is tonight.