Sunday, 23 December 2012

Avaberee - Lover of Mine (Single Launch 22/12/12)

 Where: Upstairs Beresford

When: 22/12/12
Who: Avaberee
(Aimee Cavanagh, Genevieve Bufalino & Irena Lysiuk)

This Brisbane all-female three-piece have just released their debut single 'Lover of Mine.' With a forthcoming EP in the 2013, Avaberee came to perform their first Sydney show at a live music venue.

They began their show with an excellent a capella tune and a relaxing vibe from the following song, that caught the attention of all at the Upstairs Beresford. The next song was called 'The Devil Can Hide in the Snow' which was a more upbeat and it featured the beautiful melodic harmonies of Aimee, Genevieve ad Irena. 'Winter' was the next song and it featured some great lyrics "I crashed your car, but I said sorry. You said 'That's fine love. Don't Worry.'," accompanied by some fantastic guitar work. The next song was a new unnamed track that featured the use of a looper for the first time in a live set for Avaberee. Their voices were layered to create the illusion of a larger band.

The sixth song of the set was the first of three covers in the performance. They played a great version of the Justin Timberlake original 'Cry Me a River.'  Next on the set-list was demo on how they created their single 'Lover of Mine.' The girls took turns on creating sounds to put onto the looper as they added their voices, to form the different sounds and that make up this minimalistic masterpiece. Their voices seamlessly meld together to create the sweet harmonies. Using no more than three instruments made up from vocal beats their voices and a bass synthesizer.

They covered 'Limit to Your Love' which originally from Fiest and made famous more recently by James Blake. They made it their own by using their honeyed voices to create the beats and harmonies. About to leave the stage they were cheered on for an encore performance, where they took a vote between an a capella original or a cover of Dizzee Rascal's 'Dance Wiv Me.' The vote was for the Dizzee Rascal cover and they totally deconstructed the song to create an adorable version Dizzee track.

Avaberee have managed to create a minimalistic sound, simply relying on their voices to create their exquisite harmonies. Their songs are captivating and they make their live performances enjoyable and fun as they cover well known songs adding their own vocal touches. I cannot wait to hear more from this wonderful trio and the EP should be a pleasure to the senses.

Thanks to Kaleidoscope Music for the photos.

Kieron M


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