Saturday, 8 December 2012

Flume - Flume

Harley Streten
Future Classic

Upon the release of his EP 'Sleepless' earlier this year, this producer from the northern beaches of Sydney has since been making waves.  As of current, his featured album has been the number one Itunes album for 4 weeks.  People love the chilled vibes and catchy little rifts that his music offers.  Flume has also since featured at major music festivals such as 'Splendour in the Grass' and 'Parklife'.  He is also set to perform at 'St Geromes Laneway Festival.'

Being his debut album, I was personally intrigued as to what direction Flume was headed.  Was he headed towards the dancy, catchy tunes that we saw in 'Sleepless' or would he head towards the more chilled, spaced out sounds that characterise most contemporary ambient electronic music.   What I believe we got was a perfect mixture of both.   He delicately creates an album that is appealing to almost all electronic music tastes.  We have 'Sleepless' for the head boppers, 'Space Cadet' for those who don't know which way is up, and 'Insane' for those who like a bit of a dancy beat to otherwise chilled vibes.  This album is characterised by a lot of syncopic beats,  heaps of dense pads, and stacks of chopped vocals.  The combination of these elements create an album that is great to listen to as a collective whole.  I personally love Flume's music and look forward to listening to what he produces in the future

The reaction from the public has been overwhelming   People love the album to put it bluntly.  I can also see why" 'This album gets better with every listen' one user said, whilst another states 'I've never had a strong interest in electric music but this is simply amazing listening'

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  1. An excellent review, summing up the band succinctly. I haven't heard of them before but I do like this song.