Thursday, 14 February 2013

Bleeding Knees Club- ''Nothing to Do'

Date released:
-Alex Wall- Drums & Vocals
-Jordan Malane- Guitar

Bleeding Knees Club are a punk-indie rock band from the Gold Coast of Australia.  The duo compensates for their lack of instrumental diversity by creating a sound that is rough, loud, and yet very melodical.  The duo released ‘Virginity EP’ in Oct of 2010.  Since then, they have been touring Australia, whilst producing this featured album.  

The album opens with ‘Teenage Girls’, which is a great little tune that employs catchy little hooks and rifts to great effect.  All the songs in this album are quite fast and highly melodic- typical to that of Australian ‘surfy’ rock.  Their punk-indie sound is similar to that of the Black Lips infused with a bit of Living End.  The highlights of this album to me are definitely ‘Teenage Girls’, ‘Problem Child’, and of course ‘Nothing to Do’.  I love this album, and regret not reviewing it earlier.  The reason I love this album is that it embodies the characteristics that only Australian punk rock has- definitely one to check out.

The reception to this debut LP for the most part has been extremely positive.  People love the carefree- punk rock nature of their work.  One user stated that  this album “has so much energy… I liked the early bleeding knees stuff but this album has put them on a new level… Garage yet professional.”   Some have argued that the album can grow wearisome and repetitive, but I disagree, this is a quality garage-punk-indie-rock album, to which I would recommend to anyone who likes the genre.


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