Monday, 18 March 2013

Battleships - 'To You'

Jordan Sturdee (vocals, guitar)
Jonathan Bowden (bass, keys)
Nato Hannaford (guitar)
Dan McMurray (drums)

Formed in Sydney, these guys have been busy after the success of their original single ‘In Retrospect’ in early 2012.  Since then they have been busily producing ‘To You’ whilst touring Australia.

I really enjoyed listening to this mini-album, it encompasses an eerie yet uplifting undertone that resonates throughout every song.  I believe this is created by the combination of the long dreary vocals, the suspenseful chords, fast catchy drumming and expeditious guitaring.  I guess you could describe these guys as a sort mix between the Medics and Hunting Grounds.  What we have here is a seemingly ghostly mini-album, in which is constantly building on itself as it progresses.  There are several standouts- ‘Collision,’ ‘In Retrospect,’ and ‘Your Words’- all quality tunes.  These guys are definitely ones to look for in next years Hottest 100.

Currently, this mini-album has received critical acclaim, with many on unearthed awarding it 5/5.  One user stated that they loved the ‘crackling vocals, and moody atmospherics”.  On itunes also, their mini-album has received an astonishing 4.5 stars from 40 reviews.  Check these guys out!


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