Sunday, 24 March 2013

Sea Legs- We Do What We Do When We Do What We Do EP

-Byron Knight (Vocals, Guitar)
-Cail Borg (Bass, Vocals)
-Tim Andrews (Keyboard, Guitar, Vocals)
-Nick Cooney (Drums)

Sea Legs is a small Indie pop band from the Central Coast of NSW.  This band is the 'brother band' of Jinja Safari, after a previous project had split up.  This band is characterised by gleaming vocals, sharp synth and flickering guitars.

This debut EP by Sea Legs is a cool little collaboration between rock, and indie pop.  Their upbeat melodic sound is contagious. Their EP is uniquely uplifting and rousing.  They sound sort of like a toned down version of Ball Park Music.  In saying this there is definitely more of a surfy rock, grunge influence present.

What this EP lacks in length, it makes up for in energy.
Each song is emotionally charged, and I found myself growing more fond of the EP as it played out.  Standouts of the EP are definitely 'Can I get an Amen' and 'Morse Code.'  

Having attended the EP launch also, I can confirm that these guys put on a hell of a live show.  If these guys are ever in your neighbourhood, it is well worth the time to go show some support.  Here is some photos from the gig.

Check these guys out, though it is a short EP, it is well worth a listen.
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