Monday, 25 March 2013

Sticky Fingers 'Caress Your Soul' Tour

Sticky Fingers have been touring around Australia for a few years now; but with the release of their debut LP, 'Caress Your Soul' they have set out on a massive trip around Oz with nearly 20 shows booked. We had a chat to Paddy (bassist) about the up coming trip and he expressed the bands real love of touring; which has also been recorded on the Mini-Doco of their first tour in 2011(Mega Hectic Mons Tour).

After starting with a bang at Sydney's Manning Bar last Friday the boys from Sticky Fingers pushed through to Saturday night where we caught them playing at Mona Vale Hotel on Sydney's Northern Beaches. With support from three awesome local bands; Goodbye Pola, Ocean Alley and The Ruminaters, the stage had been set for an epic night.

The stage had been set for the Newtown crew and they jumped at the already steaming crowd. 'How To Fly' was the first song as it is in the album, followed by the always popular 'Clouds & Cream.' Alongside album tracks there were a number of gems from previous recordings: Headlock, Willow Tree, Happy Endings and the amazing track, Juicy Ones.

Atop their small stage Sti Fi were smashing out their hour long set with the crowd a constant sea of movement. There wasn't a dry body in the venue as sweat practically rained over the throbbing mass. The five onstage were joined by security attempting to stop the crowd-surfers but to no avail as even Dizz(vocals) joined in on the fun. Chaos reigned as the crowd was instantly worked up by driving songs like; 'Willow Tree' and 'Bootleg Rascal' as the concert moved into the deep-end.

After a little break for the blissfully sweet 'Kiss The Breeze,' the crowd was again jumping as they moved onto their Hottest 100 hit 'Caress Your Soul,' followed by 'Freddy Crabs.' They then left the stage to eruptive applause and chanting for their newest single 'Australia Street.' Upon returning to the stage Sti Fi treated everyone to their early hit 'Juicy Ones' and then the one everyone had been waiting for "Australia Street'!! The venue went crazy as the five-piece ripped into their final song. There was champagne flying from the stage and crowd surfing as the security finally took action on members of the pulsating rabble; this can all be seen in the video below.

Sticky Fingers had put on another of their wild energetic shows and with a heavy schedule continuing until mid-May and we highly recommend trying to catch them on these dates:

Wed, March 27th - Rosemount Hotel - Perth
Thu, March 28th - The Prince Hotel - Bunbury
Sat, March 30th - Settlers Tavern - Margret River
Sun, March 31st - White Star - Albany
Fri, April 5th - The Entrance Leagues - Gosford
Fri, April 12th - Republic Bar - Hobart
Sat, Apr 13th - Royal Oaks - Launceston
Thu, April 17th - The Zoo - Brisbane
Fri, April 19th - Great Northern Hotel - Byron
Sat, April 20th - Big Pineapple Festival - QLD
Sun, April 21st - Hoey Moey - Coffs Harbor
Wed, April 24h - T.B.A. - Albury
Thu, April 25th - The Corner - Melbourne
Fri, April 26th - Baha Bar - Rye
Fri, May 10 - The Gov - Adelaide
Kieron McIlvin

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