Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Sticky Fingers - Caress Your Soul

Released: March 6th, 2013

Producer: Independent / Sureshaker

Members: Dylan Frost
                Paddy Cornwall
                Seamus Coyle
                Beaker Best

From Sydney's inner city suburb of Newtown Sticky Fingers have delivered an amazing debut record that ticks all the boxes. Along side the first single 'Caress Your Soul' which landed at 61 in the Hottest 100 of 2012 and the second single 'Clouds and Cream' there are tracks that just ooze summer and good times. Forming in 2009 Sticky Fingers have made a name for themselves in Sydney's live music scene which landed them supports for Donavon Frankenreiter (USA), Arts Vs Science, Urthboy and Tame Impala. Recorded in 3 different locations around Sydney including Dylan Adams' (one of the producers) bedroom. Paddy has described the album as a "bigger" sound for the band. They manage to seamlessly bring together a mixture of alternative rock, pop and reggae to create what they call "garage surf dub".

Caress Your Soul starts with the chilled dub vibes of 'How To Fly' which introduces you to the soothing vocals of singer Dylan Frost. The track starts off quietly as it takes it's time to swell into what is now a recognised Sti Fi sound. 'Clouds and Cream' is the following track and after regular rotation on Triple J it has introduced Sticky Fingers to a wider community. With a very distinctive bass line and an upbeat chorus 'Clouds and Cream' creates a great impression on the listener. The third track is also the third single taken from the album. 'Australia Street' is a song the reminisces on good times drinking and getting high with mates "For the rest of my life that memory will stay man, Fuck that was such a good time." The song yearns for those good times spent with friends but after "a strong current passes" they have been split up. I think the most moving lines of the song would be its last two, "I was coming down the other day next thing I was years away, I only wish that we could stay my bruddaz." I think the song makes a bigger impact when you can read the lyrics, but non the less its a fantastic song.

 'These Girls' is the next track on the LP, it utilises a quieter sound to emphasize the lyrics. Frost tells a story about his dream girl, who he will be thinking of all the time, even if he is with someone else, "When I'm lying in her arms I'll be thinking about you," The previous Sti Fi recordings didn't have any keyboard but for the album, they have used it to great success and "Sex" is a song that uses the keys to draw the listener to Frost's story. The next track "Bootleg Rascal" is fast becoming a favourite of mine; filled with dub and a slick (dare I say) drop the song tells a new age story of Humpty Dumpty, "Couldn't but he woulda put it back together again." The first single and a huge hit, being played on Triple J and commercial radio alike, 'Caress Your Soul' has also reached over 200,000 views for its video clip. An absolute hit with great vocals and a very full sound that Sticky Fingers have delved into.

Caress Your Soul is filled with some brilliant storytelling but 'Laika' would undoubtedly take the cake in my opinion. An exploration past the moon told through the eyes of the first dog in space; "There's no air in gravity's erase, I am the runaway dog." The eerie vibe really puts you in the spacecraft and puts you in the paws of a dog wandering why his master left him. 'Freddy Crabs' has a wonderful mix of the space-like sounds found in 'Laika' and the dub found in other Sti Fi tracks. The second last track 'Kiss the Breeze' has a very moving ending and when backed by the fantastic cruise-y beats it reminds me of sitting on the deck with a beer on hand looking at the setting sun. The final song on Caress Your Soul is 'Let It All Out.' What a great way to end a debut album; a vibrant song that just makes you happy. I have thoroughly loved the whole album; from the storytelling to the chilled reggae vibes. I can do nothing but recommend a listen and if their Youtube is anything to go by I highly recommend heading to see them on their national tour.

This is an extraordinary debut and there is no doubt that Sticky Finger have cemented themselves as a fresh new Aussie band set to take over the airwaves and as Dyan says, "Sticky Fingers, don't forget the name" ('How To Fly'). The storytelling throughout the album is something to behold, it navigates though love, loss and angst all deceptively veiled behind their crisp music. Sticky Fingers will be touring the album nationally throughout March April and May with more details here as well as or interview with Paddy.


Kieron McIlvin

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