Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Wilding - Bird's Bread

Released: May 4th 2012

Producer: Laughing Outlaw Records

Member: Justin Stokes

Work began in 2010 Wilding's debut album. Working at the studio of Robin Waters (The Boat People) in Melbourne, Bird's Bread began to take shape. Originally from Liverpool, Stokes' influences are clearly from revealed throughout the album. There is an unmistakeable sound of 1960's Brit rock, ranging from psychedelic Beatles to the Kinks and freak folk. Using a variety of kitchen utensils and unusual instruments, Wilding has been able to create a sweet and happy pop album filled with well thought out lyrics and a truly experimental sound.

The highlights on the album include 'Pale Blue Eyes,' 'I'll Love You Until Monday Morning' and 'Lost Afternoons' which all possess similarities to Brit Pop and they reveal Wilding's quirky style. There is a huge variety of different sounds in all of his songs which make for an intriguing listen. Stokes' vocals draw the listener into the song; with his calming tones and smooth style.

The album is definitely worth a listen as it is something you don't hear too often these days, and it's nice to experience some good old happy pop. I enjoyed the album with all of it's quirks and whims, it shows that true pop is still a vibrant part of the Australian music scene. 

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