Friday, 10 May 2013

Dune Rats - Smile (EP)

Released: April 19th, 2013

Producer: Inertia Access

Members: Danny Beusa (Guitar/Vocals)
                BC Michaels (Drums/Vocals)

Fresh from their American and Australian tours Dune Rats, a Brisbane based garage surf-rock duo have released their third EP entitled 'Smile.' This EP is packed full of variety and flare and most of the tracks are found to have a 'I don't care' kind of attitude which Dune Rats have always portrayed in film clips and songs in the past. 

The first track off the EP is called 'Red Light Green Light'. 'Red Light Green Light' starts the EP off in a great manner with the well-known up-lifting beat that dune rats always produce and are known for but this track definitely has more of that vibe packed in it then there songs in the past. This is definitely the song that you can tap your foot too or sing along too no matter how many times you give it a listen.

'All You Do' is the second song off the EP and starts off with a slower surfy-pop guitar strumming sound that everyone is familiar with. It transitions into Danny's and BC's smooth vocals. I felt at first that this song was the one too skip when it plays but over time it grew on me and I like the rawness and jamming vibe it has with endless guitar with the little riffs it has here and there.

I really enjoyed the intro and the first verse that leads into the chorus in the next track, 'Burning Bridges.' Sadly the chorus really blew this song for me, I thought that it was draining and wasn't meant to be there, although saying that it's a little bit different from the other songs on this EP which is a positive thing and means that there is something for everyone.

'Fuck It' or ''eff It' is the 4th song on the EP and is by far my favourite. It starts off with the repetitive drum beat which can be heard throughout the song and leads into a smooth transition of vocal pleasure by both members of the band. Another reason why this song did it for me was it went so well with the film clip, the song is about not caring and I think the film clip portrays the song really well.
The last track off the EP is 'Stoner Pop' this song is the definition of garage surf-rock with a hint of alt punk. It starts off slow and gets faster and faster and is so unpredictable and raw the first time you play it. This song is packed full of good vibes and is a perfect song for summer. This was definitely the song too wrap up an amazing EP which had loads of variety.

All in all this EP delivers in the garage stoner pop you'd expect from these two. If you enjoy Dune Rats I would also recommend Bleeding Knees Club and DZ Deathrays as they offer the same style and the 'I don’t care attitude' which everyone enjoys. Definitely check these two dudes out if you're planning on heading too Splendour this year!
Chris McAnulty

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