Monday, 10 June 2013

Emma Louise- Vs Head Vs Heart

Emma Louise - Vs Head Vs Heart 

Released: 22 March 2013

Producer: MGM

After the success of her debut single ‘Jungle’ and EP ‘Fullhearts and Empty Rooms', Emma Louise, winner of best Breakthrough Independent Artist at the 2011 Independent Music Awards, is back and proving herself to be more than a one-hit wonder. ‘Vs Head Vs Heart’, the new LP from the Brisbane based singer/song-writer is more than an album, it is a confession. There is an honesty which runs like a chord through each song, wrought with ghostly vocals and ethereal melodies, think Florence and The Machine meets Birdy. The album’s beauty largely lies in its intricate skeletal acoustics with the occasional twinkle of a trance-like and futuristic rhythm. The harmonies are like those of an Odysseus siren, softly seducing the listener’s ear and luring them to press repeat. 

The LP kick-starts with '17 hours’, apparently the time it takes to fly to Austin, Texas. With its A-Capella opening and wraith-like accords, the song introduces the spine-tinkling atmosphere which encompasses the entire album. The personal experiences of the artist shine through in every note, most majestically in the song ‘Atlas Eyes’, which addresses rather cryptically the subject of mental illness. Emma Louise is unique in her ability to orchestrate obscure and alien concepts through the fusion of synthetic beats and her divine-like voice.

My stand-out song from this LP has to be ‘Freedom’, with its feel-good melody and synth Rhode sound it embodies self-discovery and adolescence. Its catchy chorus with ingenuous lyrics encapsulate the desire to run free and wild, escaping the obligations and responsibilities of adulthood. 'Boy' is another must-listen-to track which addresses the nomadic "empty mind" of aimless youth.  'Braces' is a bewildering tune which translates into sparkling riffs and enchanting whispers the battle between creativity and logistics in the process of writing and producing music. 

In short this album is contemporary music at its finest. Each song featured on the LP tells a story, whether that be the gypsy fairy-tale in 'Cages' or the love loss explored in 'To keep me warm'. The cleverness of this album is that each rhyme resonates something personal with every listener. It crosses the boundaries of time and space as every sound is drawn from the artist's own history transformed through myth into a lyrical secret told via the electric-folk sound of the future. I recommend giving Emma Louise a listen and if like me you just can't get enough, why not catch her live as she embarks on her nationwide tour!



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