Friday, 19 July 2013

Deez Nutz - Bout it!

Written by Jack Ross

Released 29 March 2013
2013 We Are Unified

Let me introduce to you Deez Nuts, aka JJ Peters. If there was ever a term more synchronous with the hardcore genre it would be this band. Heavy drop tuned guitars, about 4 chords and shouting lyrics about 'party and bullshit'.

JJ has been in hardcore since forever. Formerly with I Killed The Prom Queen as the drummer releasing 2 albums and 3 EP's, Peters has now written 3 albums solo, as Bout it! being the most recent release in a huge 17 track album.

17 tracks written in 2 weeks according to my best friend Wikipedia, and.. well it goes to show too. The problem with metalcore/ deathcore whatever subcore genre, is the lack of structure, structure makes for repetition, and repetition is good for being catchy and catchy as we all know from here can go both ways, but generally a good song aims for a good structure.

I thought Deez Nuts had learnt from these simple mistakes made by metalcore wannabes. In JJ Peters' first album 'Rep Your Hood', Sex Sells becomes a universal song to the hardcore audience due to the great lyrics, structure and catchiness.

However Bout it! doesn't seem to produce the same edginess and catchiness as he did with his first couple of albums, with the lyrics, guitars and Id even go as far to say the sound has diminished due to the better production quality. There's no place to enjoy the previously raw and raspy bass underlying the songs.

What I do like in Bout it!, which takes successful themes back from his first album, is the song What We Eat Don't Make Your Shit. But it's way too short! The song builds up extremely well, with a great typical prelude from JJ and the chorus is awesome to sing along too.

In all, Deez Nuts have kept their original sound but have way to many 'filler' tracks. They always perform an amazing live show. These songs are made for a live audience and a good sing along, I find that you have to know all of the words to enjoy thoroughly.


Bout it! came at #35 in the ARIA charts.

Catch them on tour with tour dates here.

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